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Singapore Fintech Festival 2022 Recap

The SFF 2022 was a huge success, with more than 850 speakers from the public and private sectors participating in plenary sessions, industry panels, and roundtables. There were also 570 exhibitor booths, including 25 international country pavilions. The event hosted more than 10,000 participants from all over the world in its other events—Innovation Lab Crawls, Capital Meets Policy Dialogue, Elevandi Insights Forum, SFF Global FinTech Awards, and industry partner-led events.

The Elevandi Insights Forum convened 22 closed-door roundtables that were attended by close to 1,200 leaders from government, industry and civil society. Held in partnership with global partners, these roundtables covered important areas such as cross-border payments stability coins development open finance sustainable finance digital banking Web3 digital assets. These conversations will continue at the second edition of the Point Zero Forum (26-28 June 23), which will be held in Zurich Switzerland.

The theme of SFF 2022 will be ‘Building Resilient Business Models amid Volatility and Change’. With the global economy experiencing a surge in inflation and facing risks of a significant slowdown in growth, many FinTech firms are striving to stay resilient and viable. Key stakeholders comprising government leaders, regulators, financial services leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, and technology leaders will take stock of the drivers of change and examine three key questions:

1. How can we build resilient business models amidst volatility?

2. What is the role of technology in building resilient business models?

3. What are the opportunities for collaboration between technology providers and financial services firms?

The 2022 SFF conference will be comprised of four main segments: Global Plenary Sessions, Knowledge Plenary Sessions, Elevandi Insights Forum, and the Elevandi Hackathon.

The Global Plenary Sessions will focus on business leaders addressing a core construct of Resilient Business Models, while the Knowledge Plenary sessions will focus on Web3 and Payments; Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG); Banking for Businesses; Insurance & Pensions; International Growth Markets; and FinTech Regulation.

The Elevandi Insights Forum will consist of small, deep-dive roundtables that bring together private and public sector leaders to discuss challenges faced by the financial sector and identify actionable outcomes.

The banking industry has been enveloped by the rapid demands of its users: adapting to the latest technology, going digital, and being able to serve customers practically anytime and anywhere.

This past year, another development has been seen rising in the industry. Embedded finance and embedded insurance have started to pick up as effective tools to deliver banking needs more instantly to a wider number of users –and this time not just in banking apps.

This year, the SFF Global FinTech Awards hosted a hackcelerator event to select the best solutions for the Web3 and Green Finance industries.

The hackcelerator was held in collaboration with the Global FinTech Hackcelerator, and a total of 39 awards were given to the winners of both competitions. The SFF organising team thanks all our sponsors, speakers, partners and participants for joining in this year’s event. We look forward to continued collaboration with the industry to bring together an exciting and impactful SFF 2023, to be held from 13 to 17 November 2023.

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