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PROTECT YOURSELF: Pocket Universe - A Free Tool To Protect Yourself in The Ever-Scamming Web3 Space

One of the most common things that are mentioned when you ask mainstream audiences what they know about the cryptocurrency and NFT market is that the market is riddled with scams. In 2021 alone, $14 billion was scammed from users from all over the world. Hackers and scammers are always looking for new ways to drain user wallets and steal assets; whether it be through fake mint sites, discord hacks, or other methods. Two crypto users, Nish and Justin, saw what was happening in the market, and decided to take things into their own hands. The pair put their minds together and founded Pocket Universe - a free browser extension that ensures your assets are safe when you sign web3 transactions

As described on their website, here are some of the scams that Pocket Universe’s free browser extension detects:

  • Malicious Seaport Transactions

  • Honeypot NFTS

  • Counterfeit Tokens

The browser extension is completely free to use, however they do have Pocket Universe Premium for $4.99 that gets you some extra features along with the extension. These are add-on’s to make your trading experience easier. The security features are all included inside the free version.

We got a chance to ask one of the Co-Founders of Pocket Universe Nish some questions about his start in crypto, the inception of the Pocket Universe application, as well as his thoughts and outlooks on the current NFT market. 1. Tell me a little about yourself Nish (your background, where you’re from, what work you’ve done)

I’m from Sydney, Australia. My academic background is in Math/Stats! I was one of the few people who found it fun :D

I worked at a startup called APT which was an analytics software company. That startup was acquired by Mastercard so I was a project manager there for a while too. I realized that I really loved the startup environment (and didn’t love the big tech vibe) so I linked up with my long time friend Justin to build in web3!

2. When did you first get involved with crypto and NFTs?

I got interested in crypto in 2016 out of pure curiosity from a math perspective. So I’ve seen a few crypto hype cycles! ICOs, DeFi, NFTs, DAOs - it’s been a wild ride.

3. What were your initial thoughts on blockchain technology?

I thought the tech behind bitcoin was elegant in its simplicity. Most of the most interesting math combines seemingly unrelated pieces to solve a problem - and this felt similar. It also made me think and read about what ownership means and what money or value is.

Ethereum seemed much more interesting, back then it was really new and the idea of a computer in the sky was quite novel! I was really excited to see what it would transform into over the years.

4. How large is the Pocket Universe team?

Two at the moment! Just Justin and myself.

5. Tell me about the inception of the idea for Pocket Universe.

It first really hit us when the $APE drop happened. Something like $2 to $3 million was stolen the day before that airdrop due to phishing links and scam transactions. That was insane. We had to fix that problem.

6. Why do people need the Pocket Universe extension?

Wallet draining transactions have been stealing millions in people’s assets each week. Even web3 veterans get tricked by fake mints, hacked discords and twitters.

We protect you from scam web3 transactions!

We make it easy to stay safe - see and understand exactly what you’re signing before it reaches your wallet.

7. What do “Premium” users of Pocket Universe get?

Currently it’s just one extra feature that makes transacting on official marketplaces safer + easier.

We want to keep security features free and build handy, convenience features on top as a premium tier to make the project sustainable.

8. Developing this application, you must have encountered your fair share of scams in this space. What are some of the craziest or most ambitious scams you’ve come across? Honestly the simplest scams steal the most money. We’ve seen individual people lose 14 Bored Apes or $300,000 in CryptoPunks in one click.

The most insane case was the BadgerDAO’s frontend hack where $120 million was stolen in a scam that we would have protected people from.

9. What can you share in your upcoming roadmap for Pocket Universe?

We’re focused on protecting as many people as possible.

We’re building a mobile solution, where people have 0 protection currently. We’re also looking to expand onto other chains and go deeper into the DeFi space.

Our longer term vision is to make sure that everyone in web3 is safe. There a bunch of things we’re going to build to make that happen.

Our longer term vision is to make sure that everyone in web3 is safe.

10. What is your current outlook on the future of the NFT market? Will we ever see the bull-run highs again?

It seems like most of the recent NFT bull run was fueled by speculation.

I just hope that NFTs find a really valuable use case!

Having been in the crypto space for a while, I wouldn’t be surprised if the hype and speculation came back a few times though!

11. Outside of the Pocket Universe browser extension, you have any other tips for users to protects themselves from scams in the space? The main other thing is to keep your seed phrase safe!

Use a hardware cold wallet for your valuables. That will protect you against malware hacks and seed phrase leaks.

The browser extension is free and available for download at, a very easy addition to protect your assets!

To stay up-to-date with Pocket Universe and the platform, follow them on Twitter.

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