NIFTED DESK SERIES 1E Review: A sleek, compact desk display for your TopShots & NFTs

The NIFTED 1E Desk Series Display is a sleek, compact NFT display that helps “bridge the gap between the physical and virtual, connecting users with their own collection of privately-owned NFTs.”


What’s In The Box:

  • 6.5-inch NIFTED 1E Desk Series Display

  • USB-C Charging Cable

  • Pin (To Turn On Display)

The team at NIFTED were kind enough to send the Block Journal team a review unit of their flagship 1E Desk Series (1st Edition) which is currently sold out on their website.

In a market that is clouded with clunky, and outdated displays for the NFT collectors, the 1E houses a refreshingly sleek 5 x 7 display unit with a 6.5-inch touchscreen running on an Android operating system - the NIFTED mobile app is a free dedicated application in the App Store that makes connecting and displaying your NFTs on the display a breeze.

You can link your Dapper Labs account to the NIFTED mobile device and select which ones you would like to display.

The display has the functionality to play NBA TopShots, as well as both video/picture non-fungible tokens. However, there currently isn’t any sound functionality in the display. (NIFTED’s upcoming 32-inch display will have sound features)


- Great for doing what it’s advertised. Looks great on a desk.

- Sleek, compact hardware.

- Battery Life isn’t very long - but shouldn’t be an issue if you keep it plugged in on a desk or shelf as display.

- NBA Topshot playback looks great. Includes stats and info on press, as well.

- Super easy to get connected to Dapper Labs account or Metamask to display NFTs. CONS:

- Currently No Sound Functionality To Fully Playback Video NFTs. (Sound Functionality being added in future editions and upcoming 32-inch model.)

CONCLUSION: All-in-all, the NIFTED Desk Series 1E is one of the sleekest designs for an NFT displays that we’ve gotten the chance to get our hands on with a nice entry price point at $279. The setup is seamless, and it looks great up on a shelf or on the desk, like advertised, especially for serious NBA Topshot collectors that would like to display their Topshots next to some of their other real world collectibles or memorabilia.


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