LaMelo Ball Becomes First Professional Athlete To Launch 'Dynamic' NFT

NBA player and Charlotte Hornets guard LaMelo Ball just recently became the first professional athlete to launch his very own 'dynamic' NFT. NFTs are unique blockchain-based tokens (Ethereum being the most popular) that give owners of the NFT digital ownership of the asset they represent.

Dynamic NFTs are a recent advancement in the industry - unlike conventional NFTs, dynamic NFTs have the ability to change over time and in response to given real-world situations, in the case of LaMelo Ball's project - his on-court performance in the NBA.

"As I learn more about the blockchain, I realize this is the most powerful and unique way to engage my fans in a way that's special to them individually. I see this as the future for fans and athletes connecting together." LaMelo Ball on ESPN

LaMelo Ball is the first athlete to experiment with this type of fan interactive NFT. Each speculative asset is tied to his awards, highlights and statistical milestones. You can see the tiers Red, Blue, Silver, and Gold are all tied to his on-court stats and achievements. LaMelo Ball was recently named the 2021 NBA Rookie Of The Year which guarantees all 'Gold' holders an evolution to the higher tier of their NFT.

"LaMelo will become the first athlete to mint his career on the blockchain. We're launching a world where each NFT carries 'level up' capabilities based on off-chain events."

LaMelo Ball NFTs are already being resold on secondary markets such as

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