Invisible Friends Mints Out - Sells 1/1 for 496.69 ETH Website

Much anticipated NFT collection by Random Character Collective launched their mint site to those that were on the presale list - allowing those on the list to mint an Invisible Friends for 0.25 eth.

Golden Friend 1/1 Sold for 496.69 ETH

Just before mint started - the Golden Invisible Friend 1/1 was auctioned off on OpenSea with the proceeds being donated to charity. The auction finished at a whopping 496.69 ETH to winning bidder @ZeroSalt420 on Twitter.

The project launch was probably one of the most anticipated launches in history. Those who put in the grind on the whitelist were rewarded handsomely, with prereveal prices reaching a 15ETH peak!

A 13-year-old investor @AlphaWithZach on Twitter even announced that he had the opportunity to mint an Invisible Friends NFT and resold instantly on the secondary market for a $30,000 profit!

5000/5000 Invisible Friends were minted out raising more than 1200 ETH on the initial sale. At the time of publishing, Invisible Friends has already surpassed 10,000 ETH traded on OpenSea, with peak floor prices at 15 ETH. (Currently 9 ETH)

Congratulations to the Invisible Friends & Random Character Collective team on a successful launch, it's safe to say Feb 23rd is Invisible Friends Day!