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Updated: Nov 18, 2021

In our editorial this month, we take a look at towards Web3.0 and some of the products in the market that have grasped our attention.

ACENT - Blockchain technology for mass adoption, source:

ACENT ( aims to provide a user-centric internet service by establishing a token economy that combines blockchain-based Web3.0 browser and a user-focused platform. ACENT’s product also serves as a Web3.0 gateway promoting mainstream adoption of the technology.

ACENT overview, source: Telegram ACENT @AcentChannel


Acent (ACE) is the main utility token for the ACENT ecosystem that will be used in the Osiris browser. ACENT will provide a convenient and secure mode of settlement for economic activities within the Osiris browser.

Users on the Osiris browser can use the Acent token within the ACENT meta wallet to interact with dApps on the browser, as well as pay transaction fees. Partners of Osiris browser can also use the ACENT wallet to pay advertising fees, as well as earn rewards for contributing content to the platform. The OCEAN (Osiris Crypto Engine ACENT Interface) will be utilized on the Osiris browser as an internal cryptocurrency swap management protocol of Decenternet.

Cross-platform web3 browser experience on multiple devices, source:

ACENT Ecosystem

ACENT's products & ecosystem, source:


  • Acent Mainnet Acent Mainnet is made to coexist with existing major blockchain networks. It will provide various solutions to current blockchain networks with high transaction speeds and low fees.

  • Metawallet The multi-wallet that runs on the Osiris browser that supports safe and secure cryptocurrency-related transactions. It is boasts high compatibility with many of the current existing networks.

Secured and convenient built-in Metawallet on Osiris browser, source:

  • Liberty Open-Source Meta Search Engine The Liberty meta search engine encourages freedom of speech, and gives out reliable information on the internet through a patented user-reliability review system. User activation is all done through the Osiris browser.

  • dAppStore The Osiris browser AppStore contains blockchain-related content that will be integrated within the browser to provide an optimized blockchain service for users. It will support a variety of network-based apps in conjunction with a user-centric UX/UI, paired with Acent’s Metawallet technology.

Diverse blockchain dApps & blockchain-related contents all in one total marketplace, source:

Project Acent

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