Glimpse Of The Metaverse: Movies To Watch

Metaverse - easily the buzzword of the last year in the cryptospace - it describes the next level of the internet - an open-virtual world where users can interact, game and experience things beyond the real world. No one can tell us exactly what this end game ‘Metaverse’ will actually look like - but Block Journal have compiled a list of some movies give us a glimpse of the metaverse:

Ready Player One (2018)

Ready Player One is a 2018 science fiction film directed by Steven Spielberg based on Ernest Cline’s Sci-Fi classic novel of the same name. The film is set in a dystopian (not-so-distant) future in the year 2045, where people seek to escape reality through the virtual reality entertainment universe called the OASIS - which is essentially the ‘metaverse’.

The film show people who live their lives inside the virtual reality world OASIS, using their avatars - some avatars are references and direct tributes to old pop culture classics… sound familiar? The movie is fun and action packed - if the new ‘Otherside’ trailer Bored Ape Yacht Club just released excited you, then you will love this movie!

Wreck-It Ralph (2012)

Wreck-It Ralph is a 2012 animated comedy made by Disney Animations starring some A-list comedic voice talent in John C. Reilly and Sarah Silverman. The movie centers around the adventures of a video game villain character named ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ who rebels against his ‘bad-guy’ role and has dreams of becoming a hero.

The movie itself doesn’t have much to do with cryptocurrencies or NFTs, but it does offer us a glimpse of what video gaming in the metaverse will look like - jumping between games with your in-game avatars, cross-game items, etc. - the possibilities are truly endless! All in all, it is an action-packed, fun film filled with cameos all of your favorite video game characters.

Free Guy (2021)

Free Guy is a 2021 action-comedy film starring Ryan Reynolds playing a non-playable character (NPC) in an open-world video game where he meets a human player character in-game and reevaluates his destiny as an NPC.

The film is what you would expect from a Ryan Reynolds Action/Comedy - funny, fast-paced, with great CGI action sequences - but our favorite part of the movie is the look at how life in the ‘metaverse’ might look like.

In Time (2011)

In Time is a 2011 science fiction action film starring Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried about inhabitants in a society where people stop aging at 25 and instead of fiat money as currency, they live in a world where time is used as currency, and each person has a clock on their arm counting down their lifespan.

In a our real-world society, where everything is getting tokenized (sometimes unnecessarily), this movie gives an interesting look at if we had our time tokenized and every single interaction and transaction we was recorded and affected how we live our lives.

Her (2013)

Her is a 2013 science fiction romantic comedy starring Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johansson of the voice of AI Samantha. The film tells the story of a man who develops a relationship with Samantha, an artificially intelligent virtual assistant personified through a human female voice.

The film gives us an interesting look in the near future where many of our relationships will be developed through the metaverse - also showing how powerful artificial intelligence could potentially become.

Gamer (2009)

Gamer is a 2009 science fiction film starring Gerard Butler as a participant in an online game in which players can control human beings who are convicts that battle for their freedom in a real-life televised battleground.

The movie gives an interesting look at an online ‘virtual playground’ and the darker side of its potential.

Black Mirror (5 Seasons - 2011-2019)

Black Mirror is a science fiction Netflix anthology television series that was largely inspired by The Twilight Zone and explores the dark side of the potentials of future technologies and its side effects.

The series explores such technologies such as AR/VR, social credit, gaming - each episode is fresh and well-written and might give you some creeps about the future.