Astro Baby Club NFT: Babies Entering the Ethereum Galaxy

Move over Apes, Doodles, Cats and Dogs… Astro Babies are entering the Ethereum galaxy. With their mint day (July 21) approaching soon, we caught up with the founder of Astro Baby Club David @CryptoGodfather - to discuss their motivations behind the project and what we can expect from the ABC team going forward.

Astro Baby Club

The Astro Baby Club is a generative project built on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection consists of 8,888 Astro Babies generated from over 200 uniquely hand-drawn traits. The Astro Baby Club team consists of the two founders - CryptoGodfather (David) and MBH (Michael) - both veterans in the crypto space, along with Lead Artist Eric Bui, Graphic Artist RainbowUnicornPanda (Jinna), and Product Designer Jacqueline Hsiao. The smart contract development team behind the mint is Metaseed Labs - who you may know as the smart contract development partners of the wildly successful Alien Frens.

How did you come up with the idea for Astro Baby Club? The whole team has either been in the crypto, NFT, or art space for the entirety professional lives. We all love art and we all love tech. After observing and participating in the NFT industry since its inception, we wanted to launch our own and push the limits of art and tech. The origin of Astro Baby Club came from a place of love. With all the negativity and fear that’s going on around the world we felt it’d be perfect to model our NFT off of a baby.

There’s nothing more innocent and pure than a baby. Astro Baby Club was born from this core mission of spreading love, positivity, and good. We don’t think that NFT projects have to only live in the metaverse. Making real world impact is completely possible - which is why 5% of secondary sales will be donated to various children’s charities in perpetuity. What will the mint price be? The mint price will start at an affordable 0.025 ETH for whitelist and 0.035 ETH for public sale.

What is the collection size?

There will be 8,888 Astro Babies in the collection. All generated from over 200 uniquely hand drawn traits.

What advice can you give to people looking to start their own NFT collection?

Do it for the love of art and tech. Many enter this business with the primary goal of making money. We’ve worked in crypto for a long time and I think anybody who has agrees the numbers can get mundane over time. The origin of NFTs were rooted in the art. And if you truly have a passion for the art and fun side of NFTs, it’s hard to not love what you do.

How did the launch party during NFT NYC go? The Astro Baby Club NYC Launch Party was amazing. We spent many months preparing for the event to kick off our launch. Many friends, colleagues, and NFT lovers came through and we had a great evening of food, drinks, and laughter. We didn’t expect the turnout to be so large, as it was our first in-person event. Our team really pulled out all the stops and it was such a fun event. We can’t wait to do more (which we definitely will).

Are there any 1 of 1s in the collection?

There will be eight beautiful and unique 1 of 1s in the Astro Baby Club collection. These 8 will be randomly generated and inserted into the collection of 8,888. Those who are lucky enough to mint a 1 of 1 will have hit a 0.09% little Astro Baby Club Lottery. Good luck!

What makes Astro Baby Club unique?

Each piece of art is unique in itself. Our team of artists (Eric, Jinna, Jacqueline) all put their heart and soul into each of the traits they drew, which combine together to make 8,888 Astro Babies. Each of our artists are so talented in their own way, and they each have their own personalities, which will reflect in each of the traits.

Internally, this was a wonderful team to work with. We all had a blast throughout these last six months creating art. Moving forward we want to push the limits of what NFTs can do with tech and as a brand. Stay tuned.

What are your first plans for when/if your collection mints out on July 21?

We’ve got a lot of ideas! We want to start off with merchandise to start cementing the Astro Baby Club brand. After that we’d like to provide unique ENS domain names to each holder. Giving back to the community that has entrusted their time and crypto with us is paramount to the success of the brand moving forward. We’ve got even grander plans later on that we do want to hit in the realms of gaming, crypto, and as a brand.

When is the Astro Baby Club official launch date?

Our official launch date is July 21. If you head to our website, there’s a countdown leading up to our whitelist mint date. The presale will be available for whitelisted users for 12 hours, and open to the public for sale after.

Where can we stay up to date on Astro Baby Club updates?

You can follow Astro Baby Club’s Twitter (@AstroBabyClub). We spend a lot of time on there and you’ll always be able to reach us. You can also talk to everyone else in our Twitter Community. If you’d like to view just graphics, check out our Instagram!

Our website has all the general information: