Astro Baby Club Launches First Airdrop Claim of Curated Artworks for Holders.

Astro Baby Club NFT is launching their airdrop claim of curated pieces by leading artists and creators in the web3 space - the first of many.

From their blog:

"As one of our Astro missions to support creators and collaborators, we’re so proud to be launching the ABC Specials Collection of 1 of 1 original pieces of art from many artists and creators. The series of Airdrops will be free for ABC NFT holders to claim. There will be many more to follow with amazing artists!"

The first artist that has graciously created a piece for the Astro Baby Club holders is Eric Bui aka lolwtferic - the lead artist of Astro Baby Club. His piece 'Chunk Remix' is an edition piece that will be claimable through the claim period (Sept 10-17). The piece is described by the lolwtferic:

Chunk Remix This piece is titled 'Chunk Remix', based off one of my (lolwtferic) characters. I wanted to make a messy, striking stream of consciousness piece of psychedelic pop art. I allowed myself to be in a bit of trance while listening to music and its rhythms to guide each brush stroke. Erratic, yet cohesive as the goal.

The wallet snapshot deadline to be eligible for the airdrop is Sept 9 12PM EST

You must have your Astro Baby Club NFT in your wallet at the snapshot deadline to be eligible.

Each wallet will be able to claim 1 ABC Specials NFT.

You can mint your Astro Baby Club NFT at

0.035 ETH per Astro Baby / 2 max per transaction / unlimited transactions

Join their discord to stay up to date with the latest ABC news: