8sian NFT Sells Out - Bridging Asian Culture With The Metaverse

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An NFT looking to bring more Asian representation to the metaverse launched last month and sold out swiftly! 8sian, 8,888 generative NFTs depicting beautiful, Asian women crafted with intricate details that are steeped in historical significance.

On their website they state that the project “envisions 8SIAN being a global, inclusive community that brings together members who share admiration for Asian cultures. We want to represent, educate and build a lasting presence in the NFT space”. Their team is strongly committed to bringing more Asian representation to the space, and bridging Asian culture with the Metaverse. The project launched in December, and quickly sold out after prominent DJ Steve Aoki tweeted that he had minted a few.

8sian Twitter tweeted this image of Steve Aoki’s 8sian collection.

We got a chance to congratulate Nicole (@8sianmom on Twitter), founder of 8sian, on the success of the launch of 8sian NFT, as well as ask her some questions regarding her background and telling us a little bit about what it takes to launch an NFT project.

1. How did you first come across cryptocurrency and what was your initial reaction to the technology? Were you an instant believer?

I came across cryptocurrency back in 2013 when I was still in high school. I came across an article explaining about how our world currency evolved from the early days of bartering to the first metal coins and eventually the first paper money. Throughout the evolution of money, currency has taken several different forms.

As such, I do believe that our future currency will be in digital form (cryptocurrency). And future blockchain technology will become inseparable from our daily life. Back in the days, I used to Google on how to buy bitcoin and it was hard to even purchase it because there was no exchange platform on which I could trade.

I bought Bitcoins on this website http://virvox.com which is one of the first platforms that existed in the past. That article was what kickstarted my interest to started my trading/ investment journey, I didn’t know much about crypto/ investments back then, I would say it all started from my own curiosity and ever since I believe in the technology and it will be the future and will definitely shape most of the industries in the world.

2. When did you first discover NFTs?

I first discovered it around Feb 2021.

3. What was your initial reaction to the tech and industry?

I feel it is amazing how we can own a digital asset in the form of NFT that lives on blockchain forever.

4. What was your first NFT purchase?

I couldn’t find a profile picture that resonated with me so my first purchase was A virtual land in the metaverse - Sandbox.

5. Outside of 8sian, any favorite NFT projects?

BAYC - Bored Ape Yacht Club

I am really amazed by their very strong and united community. I also find that they have such a strong and helpful community. For instance, the hashtags eg. #ApefollowApe works and proves how strong the ape community is.

Besides this, I do support women led projects such as Boss Beauty, World of Women, Women Rise NFT and other independent women artists, as well.

6. Participating in this industry, I have noticed that it is predominantly filled projects led by men. What are you thoughts about the lack of inclusion of women in the crypto space?

I totally agree with this statement. This is the main reason why I started 8sian And I wanted to fill the huge gender gap in the space because, as we all know, half of the world population is women so I think it would be fair to have the same ratio in NFT space.

7. What was the inspiration behind 8sian?

I was born and raised in Asia. I grew up with the exposure of different traditions and beautiful culture around me. For instance the population in Malaysia, consists of 3 largest races including Malay, Chinese and Indian. which are all rich in their own cultures. And the same in Asia, we do have a lot of beautiful culture and heritage to be conserved, preserved and celebrated. I always wanted to embrace, honor and showcase the Asian culture in NFT space that has yet to be exposed to.

“we do have a lot of beautiful culture and heritage to be conserved, preserved and celebrated.”

8. How long was the planning/development phase? Is there anything you wish you would have done differently and improve on if you could go back to the start of the project?

We started planning in Sep 2021. All our art works took about 3 months to be finalized. And we launched the main collection on 26 Dec 2021.

9. What is the ultimate goal you hope to achieve through the 8sian project?

8sian is about creating an innovative, new NFT movement – one that is fluid, ready to evolve and has no set boundaries. My vision is to drive 8sian to be global brand and not just an NFT project. In my personal view, there are so many endless possibilities and opportunities that we could achieve in the space.

10. What is the thing that excites you most about the 8sian project?

My biggest excitement is its ability to connect to members in the space that resonate with 8sian vision. I strongly believe in community building, I believe in this saying, “if you want to go fast, you go alone, but if you want to go far, we have to go together.“

“if you want to go fast, you go alone, but if you want to go far, we have to go together.“

11. What advice would you give to aspiring artists in the space looking to launch their very own NFT profile picture collection?

Being innovative, unique, transparent, authentic and true to yourself. Most importantly, it's to put yourself out there, convey your story and just be yourself. Everyone has to believe in the process and have some faith. It's all baby steps, And it's all the tiny progress that you make each day that makes a difference.

12. What sort of issues/problems did you come across in launching 8sian?

I am grateful that we did not encounter any huge problems. One of the biggest challenges we faced was choosing a good and trustworthy developer. One thing is that I’m blessed is to have my team members, who share the same goals and vision to build the 8sian brand.

13. What do you think is the future of blockchain and the NFT industry in the near future (5-10 years)?

All industry will be utilizing blockchain technology and it will not just be in the form of art. Even clothing brands, constructions and all other industries such as music industries, or even the government official documentations such as passport, ID, housing deed will be in the form of NFT which help to secure your rights and to prove ownerships to the asset. Possibilities are endless.

14. For businesses and individuals that don’t believe in the NFT model or technology, what would you say to them to convince them that this tech is here to stay and isn’t just a fad?

Just like all the rest of advancement of technology in the past, people are always skeptical about it at first. Mainly because they do not understand how it works. For instance, when web2.0 was first introduced back in 1999, majority were not ready for it. History is repeating itself and now it’s the same reaction towards NFTs, however now that the big boys such as Tesla and Facebook & all other big players are starting to embrace the technology. With such actions, I believe mainstream adoption will happen sooner or later and people will be forced to evolve, accept and learn that the technology is here to stay.

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